Car 54 Courier is Celebrating 30 years of Service in Florida!

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We Treat Every Delivery as a Priority!

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Car 54 Courier has been the trusted service provider for thousands of  Florida businesses and individuals since 1986. We back up our courier and freight services with a customer service team who are always there to ensure you and your clients feel confident in the delivery process, which is so important.

We know we can provide the solution you’re looking for, so if your an individual – Get a Quote, or if you’re a Business customer – submit a New Account form and one of our friendly staff will contact you to discuss the best options and prices for your business.

All of us at Car 54 Courier look forward to solving your transport requirements. For more information on how we can respond to your specific needs contact us at a location below:

Broward County  (954) 781-1880

Palm Beach County (561) 736-7733

Miami - Dade County (888) 822-2754

Having the right services for you.

Any size package's or box freight to or from anywhere in Florida, Car 54 Courier Service is ready to handle All your delivery needs!

The Florida Keys  (888) 822-2754

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Over 30 Years of Experience!

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